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uncleCare is changing how patients and doctors engage and interact.

We are creating the future for the way healthcare is managed by giving patients the power to engage more easily in their own health care, and by giving doctors an easy way to make sure their instructions are accurately converted into to-do items that patients can follow reliably. Our co-founders, Dr. Michael Miyamoto and Phac Le Tuan, make up a world class team in medical and technology. Our company was created out of a need for physicians to better manage their patients with cardiovascular medical problems, such as atrial fibrillation and risk for stroke.

Patients with these medical conditions, and others, are often prescribed anticoagulant medications. Warfarin (brand name Coumadin) is the most common of these drugs. The management of warfarin is difficult, and it has not changed for the past 59 years, since the drug was approved by the FDA. Too little or too high a dose of warfarin can lead to either blood clot formation or internal bleeding. The INR level measured after a finger prick blood analysis must stay within a therapeutic range (usually between 2 and 3), but in practice, it may change from day to day, and even due to what the patient has consumed that day, and the medication dose has to be adjusted accordingly.

All these constraints make it very cumbersome for patients on anticoagulant therapy, and increase costs on the provider side.

It is time for uncleCare to make changes in the management of patients on warfarin and enable a seamless process between the patients, their anticoagulation clinic, their physician, and their caregivers.  Our solution includes a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based mobile application, named Easyfier™ for patients or their caregivers, on smartphones and tablets, with the goal to make life on warfarin easier and more manageable. Easyfier can be optionally integrated with EHR systems to enable providers to automatically send new dosing instructions through a fully actionable push notification to the patient's mobile device.

Michael Miyamoto, MD MBA

Dr. Michael Miyamoto: About patient notifications for anticoagulant clinics.


Oct 30 '13: uncleCare is exhibiting at the Health Tech Conference at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

Oct 23 '13: uncleCare was present at the first ever SVForum Expo at the Quadrus Conference Center on Sand Hill road, Menlo Park, CA

Sep '13: uncleCare's Light Hearts team wins 2nd place in Health 2.0 Code-a-thon for Power to the Patient.


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