Remote Patient Management and Monitoring


The Clinizi™ System

uncleCare develops and markets the Clinizi™ System, a mobile-based software solution bridging the gap in remote care between doctors and patients to lower operational costs and improve outcomes in heart disease management. The chronic heart disease market is expected to exceed $30B within the next 10 years, with remote monitoring and patient engagement solutions increasingly required by the industry and regulatory trends towards pay for performance.

We are creating the future for health care management by giving patients the power to engage more easily in their own care. We give doctors an easy way to cover the “last mile”, to connect to patients and promote adherence.

Partnering with Medical Device Vendors

Medical device companies and Independent Diagnostic and Testing Facilities (IDTFs) provide products and services to enable the remote monitoring of chronic heart disease by physicians or clinics. Remote monitoring has been proven to improve outcomes and in some cases, reduce costly hospital readmissions. However, the increasing amount of data captured from home devices is adding to providers’ workloads, often without associated reimbursement. As a consequence, despite their recognized benefits, many remote monitoring solutions face physician resistance to adoption.

The uncleCare solution removes disincentives to prescription by significantly reducing the need for phone calls to patients while still enabling physicians to have a deep understanding of patients’ conditions. This is accomplished by patients using our mobile application to effortlessly record health-related events, respond to provider-defined status updates, or ask questions. The patient-generated data then appears automatically on the provider’s dashboard in a way that highlights critical information without overwhelming the user interface with non-critical data.



“uncleCare’s mobile health solution extends the reach of EHR systems: it’s perfect for engaging patients and connecting them to their doctor.”Greg Thomas, MD


“Managing patients on warfarin is time consuming and high risk. uncleCare is just what we need for seamless patient management!”Zeke Ip, MD, PhD


“Post-discharge monitoring of CHF patients is critical to reduce readmissions. uncleCare brings truly innovative solutions to improve care and reduce costs.”Roger Winkle, MD